Hansa Medical in brief

Hansa Medical is a biopharmaceutical company focused on immunomodulatory enzymes for treatment and prevention of rare and severe autoimmune conditions and transplant rejection. Our central asset, candidate drug IdeS, is currently in Phase II development in kidney transplantation.

Key facts

  • Innovative and promising pipeline
    • IdeS – candidate drug in several Phase II trials in kidney transplantation
    • EndoS – potential as therapeutic in autoimmune disease and hypersensitivity (preclinical testing)
    • EnzE - Enzyme based antibody Enhancement
    • NiceR - Novel immunoglobulin cleaving enzymes for Repeat dosing
    • HBP-assay – diagnostic assay to predict severe sepsis (licensed to Axis-Shield Diagnostics)
  • First-rate global scientific network within transplantation and immunology
  • Board of Directors with long pharma and biotech experience
  • Small and innovative team (Approx. 30 employees)
  • Based in Lund, Sweden
  • Listed on NASDAQ Stockholm (ticker: HMED)
  • 133,7 MSEK in cash, June 30, 2016