Imlifidase (IdeS)

Antibody Mediated Graft Rejection

Kidney transplantation improves the survival and quality of life and lowers costs compared to dialysis and is therefore the preferred treatment for kidney patients in dialysis. The immune response against the transplanted organ has always been the major obsta­cle to success. Antibody-mediated mechanisms have lately been recognized to lead to high rates of graft loss in HLA-incompatible kidney transplants and more than 60 percent of the late kidney failures have been attributed to AMR.

There are no approved drugs for treatment of AMR and no strong evidence to support treatment guidelines. Transplantation after desensitization of patients that are DSA positive has created a new population of patients at higher risk of developing AMR.

If AMR cannot be treated adequately, severe AMR results in graft loss. Based on the superior effect and efficacy of imlifidase to inactivate IgG we believe that imlifidase holds potential to prevent progression of AMR and be an effective treatment also in severe AMR.